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Day two of Carpediem held on 23rd October had events like T-Shirt/Face painting, Documentation/Presentation Design,Isharao Isharo Mein,TechKarti and Tamas.It was followed by prize distribution to the winners. In T-shirt Painting Asha MAnkad and Akshay Jangid stood first while Sejal Loadha,Sandhya GAur stood second.In Face Painting Asha MAnkad and Akshay Jangid stood first while Kriti Arora and Annapurna GAur stood second.Rishabh vaishnav and Garvita Dave were winners in Document Design while Bhawana Bhatiya nad Arihant Detha stood first and second respectively in Presentation Design.Isharo Isharo mein :Varsha's team stood first while Kuldeeps's team stood second . Amit Kumar and Jagrit goyal were respective winners from Overnight problem.Participation certificates were awarded to all participants. The day had interesting fun hourly problems lined up. the program ended with a vote of thanks by the conveners.

Two day event 'CARPEDIEM' of Faculty of Computer Science was held on 22nd and 23rd October. The day one started with inaugration by Principal Dr. Rajeev Mathur and Director, Dr. Priyadarshi Patni. Event conveners Dr Pallavi Upadhyaya and Dr. Arpita Mathur told that there were more then 800 participations across events from BCA, and MCA .The day one had web design,programming marathon,fix it main hoon na ,app ka idea events apart from 3 hourly problems.

Vikas Khandelwal and Rahul Mamtani  respectively stood first and second In WebPage Design for undergraduate and Diya taparia and vijay Jangid  stood first andsceond for MCA. KAran Singh Solanki  and Utkarsh Bhati respectively stood first and second In Programming Marathon for undergraduate and Rishabh Dadhich and Amitabh Kalla  stood first and sceond for MCA. Fix It event winners were Raishabh Dadhich and Himanshu Pareek respectively from MCA.In App ka idea Avinish PAnwar and group stood first while Harsh Bohra and group stood second.  In Main hoon na kritika gajja stood first while annapurna Gaur stood second.

Pukhraj Mathur Memorial All Rajasthan English Debate Competition was organized on 26.10.18. A total of 13 teams participated in the competition namely Team AIIMS, Team NLU, Team Kanodia, Jaipur, Team JIET etc.The subject was “Media is responsible for decadence of Contemporary Society”. Ambika Ratnoo of K.N. College was winner. Kashish Rajpurohit of Somani College and Vishal Kumar Sahoo of AIIMS, Jodhpur got 2ndposition. Anjali of Lachoo College stood 3rd in competition.

Jwaladas Memorial All Rajasthan Quiz Competition was organized on 26.10.2018. A total of 13 teams participated in the competition namely Team AIIMS, Team NLU, Team Kanodia, Jaipur, Team JIET etc.. First position was grabbed by Jagriti- Sahil of AIIMS, Jodhpur and Nikhil Mishra- Mudit Burad of National Law University stood 2nd.

लाचू मेमोरियल कॉलेज ऑफ़ साइंस एंड टेक्नोलॉजी (ऑटोनोमस) में दिनांक १३.१०.२०१८ को अपराह १:०० से ३:०० बजे 'विविद-२०१८' के तहत 'मेहंदी' का आयोजन किया गया । मेहंदी प्रतियोगिता में ३० छात्राओं ने भाग लिया ।

मेहंदी प्रतियोगिता में पारम्परिक मेहंदी घेवर, बिंजणा, चुनड़ी, मयूर एंव बारीक़ फूल पत्तिया, माँ दुर्गा, दुल्हन, गणपति आदि मांडे । फेस - पेंटिंग में प्रकर्ति एंव कार्टून के आधार पर मिकीमाउस , टाइगर, जोकर, पेड़ पौधे आदि चित्रों को रंगो से सजाया ।

कॉलेज प्राचार्य प्रोफेसर राजीव माथुर ने कहा की साइंस एंड टेक्नोलॉजी के विद्यार्थीयो ने जिस उत्साह से इस प्रतियोगिता में अपना हुनर दिखाया वह निच्छय ही प्रसनीय है ।

मेहंदी प्रतियोगिता में BSC में प्रथम स्थान पर मोनिका , द्वितीय स्थान पर सगुप्ता एंव तृतीय स्थान पर अंजलि तथा MSC में प्रथम स्थान पर प्रिया, द्वितीय स्थान पर मुस्कान  तथा तृतीय स्थान पर जूही रही ।

प्रतियोगिता की संयोजन डॉ. नर्मता माथुर एंव निर्णायक की भूमिका सुश्री वर्चा एंव सुश्री कुसुम पटेल ने निभाई ।

Principal Dr. Rajeev Mathur interacted and took feedback from the students of NUSSD programme. Course college convenor Dr. Vandana Gupta and course coordinator Mrs. Kanchan Jasmatiya along with Principal interacted with the students. 

Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies have organized World This Week competition for students of BBA Sem I and B.Com Sem I. Students had prepared and presented collage on last week's top 5 news. Gaurav, Ravi grabbed 1st position while Lakshyadeep, Vidhi secured 2nd and Yashvardhan, Kuldeep got 3rd position.

'Abhivyakti' event was organized by Faculty of Computer Science on 14th August to showcase the talents of the BCA and MCA students. Saarthik Rawal of BCA I played popular tunes like" Game of Thrones" theme song on flute while Poorvi and Rishabh from BCA III played guitar.Mohit Singh Chouhan, Hashim Gill sung songs while Vaibhav Parakh played National Anthem on synthesizer.. Priyanshu Chouhan sung a rap.. Students also recited poems and inspirational speeches apart from vocals.Event was coordinated by Dr. Neeraj Mathur

An Extempore competition was held for BCA I Semester students on 25th July.More then 30 students from I sem participated in the event.Kritika Gajja stood first , Harsh stood second and Hritik came third. Students enjoyed speaking on the topics on the spot like Har aadmiapnedukhonmein khoya hai, Social media = time waste , 3 best things about this college.Certificates were given to winners and participants. The event was judged by Dr Neeraj Mathur, Dr Deepak Mathur and Dr Arti Khanchandani.

Orientation Programme for students of BSc, BBA, B.Com. and BCA was organized in the College where Prof. (Dr.) Rajeev Mathur, Principal congratulated students for their choice and gave information about college activities to them. Prof. Priyadarshi Patni, Controller of Examination and Dr Rajpal, Librarian also addressed the students updating about examination system in autonomous and library facility.

A felicitation ceremony of five meritorious students of Lachoo Memorial College, selected in RAS examination 2017 was held in the auditorium on Friday, 10th November, 2017.

The programme was graced by the presence of distinguished guests who were Dr. R.P. Singh, Vice Chancellor, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur and Dr. Rajendra Singh renowned water conservationist from Rajasthan.

In his welcome speech, Prof. Rajeev Mathur, Principal Lachoo Memorial College, welcomed the guests and said that it is indeed a matter of great pride and esteem to have such notable guests and the five paragons of the college in the felicitation ceremony. He remarked that it is an indeed an accomplished task to boast of and a matter of great gratification. The ebullient         students who were felicitated for their achievement of being selected in Rajasthan, Administrative service, 2017 were

  1.       Bhawani Singh Charan (Ist Rank)
  2.       Jaipal Singh Champawat (15th Rank)
  3.       Chaman Lal Siyol (186thRank)
  4.       Mohan Lal Siyol (298thRank)
  5.       Kapil Choudhary (524thRank)

They were felicitated with Safa, Momento and Appreciation Letter. The accolades were done by Dr. R.P.Singh and Dr. Rajendra Singh.

Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. R. P. Singh congratulated the students and said that it was a matter of great honour and pride for him to felicitate the glistening pearls of Lachoo Memorial College.  He further said that hard work, dedication and discipline are required to achieve success. Concluding his lines he advised the RAS selected students to understand the social causes of society and work for them.

An extension lecture of Dr. Rajendra Singh ‘Waterman of India’ was held in the auditorium on Friday, 10th November, 2017.  Dr.Rajendra Singh is the recipient of Stockholm Prize, ‘The Nobel Prize for Water’ in 2015, Raman Magsaysay Award for community leadership in 2001, pioneering community based efforts in water harvesting and water management. He has reinvigorated five rivers in Rajasthan and is one of the members of National Ganga River Basin Authority. He is among the list of top 50 people who could save the world. He is also the founder member of an NGO in UK which aims to counter the negative effects of soil erosion and flooding.

The programme attained its acme through the illustrative and expounding lecture on water conservation programme by Dr. Rajendra Singh. In his talk he explicated that the 21st century is facing a water war which is a matter of great concern. He elucidated that Marwar was ‘Jagat Guru ‘in teaching the sustainable science of water.  He detailed that Development is not sustainable, it is rather disastrous. It has disintegrated the community management. He lucidly threw light how in ancient times, people of Rajasthan Proved their efficiency by sustaining their crops with minimum use of water. They have always respected Water, Woman and River and have worshipped water as Lord Indra in the form of Rain. His initiation into the villages inclined the youth to nest in their native villages with a motto, ‘my belongings should be retained in my village’. He also said that the sustainable science is that which increase the index of happiness. Natural Science is simple science that links the rain pattern with crop pattern and even the uneducated farmers of Marwar have this knowledge.

Conjointly he explicated about the three ‘R’ S for efficient use of water, which are Respect for water, Reduce use of water and Rejuvenate the nature. He recapitulated his lecture with the slogan ‘Water is Climate and Climate is Water’. In his conclusion he seeded the inception for a course in the university where students can learn science to nourish not to extract.

An extension lecture of Dr. Harish Agarwala on Swine Flu awareness was held by Department of Public Health on 22/02/2018.

An extension lecture of Prof. Nativ Dudai , Head, the unit of MAP, Jawe ya’ar Research Centre Agricultural Research Organization, Israel was held by Department of Botany and Biotechnology on 22/02/2018.


An extension lecture of Padam shree award winner Prof. Pramod Tandon was held by Department of Botany and Biotechnology on 17/02/2018. Prof. Tandon is CEO, Biotech Park, Lucknow.

Pharmacy week was celebrated in the college on 8/2/18 and 9/2/18 in the premises. The first day had Literary and Scientific activities and second day witnessed Awareness Rally, Blood Donation camp and Health camp.

The Program was conducted in collaboration with Pharmacy Council and Pharmaceutical Association. The commencement of the week was done with a talk by Prof (Dr) B.P.Nagori, Director Pharmacy wing on the topic 'Opportunities in Pharma Industry' and 'Growth and communication and coordination in Pharmacy Education' He also stressed on Spiritual Health and All Round development. An essay Competition was organized on the Topic ‘Role of a Pharmacist’ under Literary and Scientific planet followed by Poster Presentation, Extempore, Quiz, and Group Discussion.

The Programmes for second day started with a Rally Creating Health awareness and proper use of medicines. The message was passed using Posters and Banners. Mr. Sachin Mathur, Vice President, Management Committee, Lachoo College, showed the flag for the Rally. Under the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan students of Pharmacy contributed clearing the Herbal Garden of college and planted Trees in college premises. Mr. Praveen Mathur President Management Committee, Lachoo College, Mr. Sachin Mathur, Vice President Management Committee Lachoo College, and Prof (Dr) B P Nagori, Director Pharmacy also showed their graceful presence in the program and contributed in Tree Plantation. A Medical Health Camp and Blood Donation camp was organized by Agarsen Relief Society in which more than 150 student and Teachers availed the BMI test Blood Sugar Test and B P Test and more than 20 members donated the blood in the Blood donation camp.

The day also witnessed Poetry Recitation, Song and Dance competition, Instrument Competition. In the end Dr Sanjay Gehlot under the Collaboration of Cipla Limited gave a talk on `Depression Awareness-Reasons and Remedies'. The Program was concluded with Prize Distribution for various Activities.